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Information for students who stayed at an unlicensed UNITE block

Click here to read the judgment of the London Property Tribunal, made against Unite on 11th May 2023

Here's Unite's appeal in that case, dismissed 12/02/2024

We list below the UNITE properties that we believe have not yet been licensed, or only licensed in the last 12 months, where students may apply for up to 12 months rent to be repaid:

There are thousands of students who can Get Rent Back in Liverpool!

Any student who lived in any accommodation (so studio or shared flat) in the following properties in the academic year 2022 to 2023:

Arrad House, Atlantic Point, Cambridge Court, Cedar House, Grand Central, Horizon Heights, Lennon Studios, Moorfield, Prospect Point & St Luke's View

We are not submitting any more applications for Liverpool.

All our submitted applications are in time, most already having been confirmed by Liverpool council as well within the 12 month deadline.  Most of the licence applications were made by Unite around 15th June 2023, with the earliest, as we predicted, on 7th June 2023. The vast majority of our applications were submitted on 31st May.


The deadline to apply for a Rent Repayment Order (RRO) at Queens Park House has passed: we cannot accept any further applications.

UNITE has admitted not licensing the property even though it received a letter from Coventry Council well over a year before it eventually applied. Submissions from UNITE show that their Electrical Safety certificate was marked "unsatisfactory": the council insisted on remedial works as part of the licensing process to ensure that the 464 students in the building were safe. The Portable Appliance Testing was also found to be out of date at the time of application. Why had Unite ignored these works?

An excellent example of how licensing can help to ensure tenants' safety.

The decision for this case was at last handed down on 11th June: Flat Justice will be seeking permission to appeal. See our blog

Years 21-22 & 22-23: Julian Markham House, Sidney Webb House, Wellington Lodge, Quantum Court, Ewan Henderson Court

ONLY for the year ending June to September 2022: Emily Bowes Court, North Lodge, Station Court....deadline for application has now passed!

Unite's appeal of the North Lodge case was dismissed on 12th February 2024. The judgment above was maintained: see our blog here for a link and discussion

All subsequent North Lodge, Emily Bowes and Station Park cases were stayed pending this appeal.

There was a Case Management Conference (CMC) for these stayed cases on 14th May 2024 in which it was decided that the cases would be grouped according to the issues occupants had in the various properties.

Dorset House (claim period only 14/9/22 to 9/12/22) , Parade Green (claim period only 21/10/22 to 9/12/22). Directions have been issued. The deadline to apply has passed so no new applications can be made.

The case is in the final stages of settlement.


Watch here for any news on the UNITE RRO applications!

Update 18/06/2024

The Oxford Unite cases have all been settled, in principle, just shortly before the hearing that was listed for today.

The Coventry decision arrived! See our blog here. We will be seeking permission on behalf of the Applicants to appeal this decision and are confident of achieving a significantly higher award than 45%.

Update 11/06/2024

      RRO made against Unite again: Horizon Heights, Liverpool. See our blog here with a link to the decision

Update 09/06/2024

All our Applicants who registered with us before the end of May had their applications submitted on 31st May. All applications have been received by the Northern Tribunal:

Northern First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber (Residential Property) (FtT) acknowledges applications

We have re-opened registration for those Applicants from Moorfield, Grand Central, Prospect Point and Atlantic Point. This is because we understand that "HMO Enforcement Team" are not submitting their applications until the end of June, when it will very likely be too late. All RRO applications must be submitted within 12 months of the offence ending, i.e. the licence application. Unite had already completed all applications for the other blocks by 15th of June last year.


Update 23/05/2024

Unite has now paid the awards for the 6 North Lodge Applicants RRO. Each of the 6 Applicants received their share of the award on the same day- just in time for the holidays:

Update 30/04/2024

A recent article on the Unite situation by Landlords' Guild: https://england.landlordsguild.com/article/legal-battle-over-unite-s-unlicensed-student-homes/
NB: of course it got some details wrong! There was no "legal mix-up": Unite simply failed to license its properties. Also- it's too late for London Applicants now- but not for Liverpool...if you hurry!

Update 18/04/2024

COVENTRY: Midlands Tribunal issued directions today to amalgamate all new applications under the lead applications rule and stay, or pause, all these cases until 31st May. Reason: They have not been able to produce a judgment yet for the original case heard on 19th January. We also recently received an email from the tribunal in explanation of the delay for the decision, being the difficulty of the original 2 member tribunal panel in being able to arrange a meeting....
The new directions will be circulated by update email.

Update 09/04/2024

LONDON: the London Tribunal is now insisting on a Case Management Conference (CMC) to decide how to proceed with all the cases stayed pending the North Lodge 2020-21 appeal (dismissed back in February)

We will represent all the London Applicants at that conference and request that the cases proceed as soon as possible & in the most efficient manner.

COVENTRY: Unbelievable. After writing about 2 weeks ago to say that the delayed decision, from the hearing on 19th of January, would be produced in a "couple of weeks", they have written today to say it will be a further 5 weeks before the judgment is handed down! Further directions will be issued for the pending new cases for Queens Park House...we don't know when...
This is an exceptionally long delay in producing a judgment: the longest we have come across.

Update 03/04/2024

UNITE has decided not to further appeal the first North Lodge cases and agreed to pay the awards: the Applicants are awaiting payment :-)

All subsequent North Lodge, Emily Bowes and Station Park cases were stayed pending the earlier appeal. We have written to the Tribunal to remove the stay on all these cases and the Tribunal is currently considering whether to proceed with all these cases under the "lead case" rule. The Lead Case approach means that just one (or two) cases are heard first and the decision then applies to all cases. As things stand, all Emily Bowes Court cases are running under the lead case of flat B403. If the later North Lodge cases and the Station Court case are brought under this one lead case as well then there will be no separate hearing for them. UNITE has objected to the use of the lead case rule for North Lodge and Station Court. Decision pending...

Update 03/04/2024
LIVERPOOL: Beware of this company that is targeting Liverpool Students: HMO Enforcement Team. Please see our blog here: https://getrentback.org/blog/2024/04/03/301/

COVENTRY: Still no decision. The Tribunal wrote yesterday that the judge apologises for the delay and that the decision will be handed down "in the next couple of weeks"

Update 15/02/2024

Upper Tribunal dismisses Unite's appeal in the North Lodge cases from 2020-21. Get the link and read our blog here

Flat Justice has written to Liverpool Student Homes (LSH): we want to understand why a Liverpool student housing advice service was advertising Unite's unlicensed properties. You can read our letter here

Update 18/09/2023

FtT has now stayed the Emily Bowes Court B403 case, due to be heard next month, along with the Station Court case, pending the UT appeal hearing for the North Lodge cases: 601 & 201.

You can read the Tribunal's decision here. Our resistance to the application to stay can be found here.

Update 06/09/2023:

We wrote round to Applicants on 06/09/2023 with the following information message:

update email re Unite appeal and stays


Is this all too good to be true?

We get a lot of students asking this and it's right to be skeptical nowadays with so many scams around. So we provide lots of information and official documents here to re-assure you: you really can get your rent back from UNITE!

Still skeptical- give us a ring on the number provided on our contacts page. Yes, you can talk to us! But preferably at reasonable hours please.


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