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Click here to read the judgment of the London Property Tribunal, made against Unite on 11th May 2023

Click here to download the related Student Castle, Oxford judgment on 11th August 2022

We list below the UNITE properties that we believe have not yet been licensed, or only licensed in the last 12 months, where students may apply for up to 12 months rent to be repaid:

Years 21-22 & 22-23: Julian Markham House, Sidney Webb House, Wellington Lodge, Quantum Court, Ewan Henderson Court

ONLY for the year ending June to September 2022: Emily Bowes Court, North Lodge, Station Court....need to hurry!

Studios/ 1 or 2 bed flats in:
Arrad House, Atlantic Point, Cambridge Court, Cedar House, Grand Central, Horizon Heights, Moorfield, Prospect Point, St Luke's View

All studios, 1 & 2-bed flats, flats with 5 or more occupants:
Lennon Studios

Magnet Court

STUDIOS ONLY in: Curzon House, Riverside Point, St Peter's Court, (Morriss House is also licensable but yet to be occupied)

Dorset House (claim period only 14/9/22 to 9/12/22) , Parade Green (claim period only 21/10/22 to 9/12/22)


If you have stayed at any of these properties in the last 12 months it is very likely that you will be able to get your rent back!

Please complete this form to apply:




Watch here for any news on the UNITE RRO applications!

Update 18/09/2023

FtT has now stayed the Emily Bowes Court B403 case, due to be heard next month, along with the Station Court case, pending the UT appeal hearing for the North Lodge cases: 601 & 201.

You can read the Tribunal's decision here. Our resistance to the application to stay can be found here.

Update 06/09/2023:

We wrote round to Applicants on 06/09/2023 with the following information message:

update email re Unite appeal and stays

Here are some of the files referred to in the message:

FtT's Decision to Refuse the appeal by UNITE

UNITE's Grounds of Appeal to Upper Tribunal

Tenants' grounds for resisting the application to appeal

Upper Tribunal's Decision to allow the appeal by UNITE

Tenants' Response form with Application and Grounds for Cross-Appeal

Refusal by UT to grant an appeal on a similar ground in another case:

"The applicant's suggested lack of knowledge of the need to obtain a licence was a negative, rather than a positive consideration, as it is clearly a commercial landlord which can be expected to make proper enquiries."


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