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We just started, June/July 2018. Flat Justice Community Interest Company Ltd was registered on 6th August 2018. Company number 11502292 registered in England & Wales.

We're using that as an excuse for having a pretty basic web site just now...we wanted to get information up asap. We'll be adding more images and details as we go along...


Flat Justice Community Interest Company is a Not-For-Profit company that has a special structure under company law. Such companies are designed for social projects and enterprises that work to help the communities they serve: they have to pass a community interest test. In our case, specifically, helping tenants of unlicensed Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) or other licensable properties. The company has an Asset Lock: that means the assets of the company are used to achieve its stated aims. Our Articles of Association specify that, if and when the company should be wound up, the remaining assets will be donated to Shelter, the housing charity.

Flat Justice has Professional Indemnity Insurance and is a member of AdviceUK, a quality assessment and training organisation for social welfare advisory services.


Founded by Daniel Herm-Morris BA (Hons): "Mostly, like me, we are or were tenants of unlicensed properties who realised that the process of claiming compensation from rogue landlords can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Flat Justice wants to make it all easier."


Flat Justice is more a network than a company. We don't have, or believe in, a hierarchical structure: we're concentrating on getting justice for you.  


We have a registered mail address at:

85 (First Floor), Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT.

But don't come round knocking: we won't be there. We work mainly from home to save money.


The majority of HMOs are unlicensed, yet Councils on average only prosecute 1 or 2 per year due to lack of resources. This means that most rogue landlords have been easily getting away with ignoring the law. Unlicensed properties are not usually inspected and may not conform with strict Health & Safety and Fire regulations. They can put the lives of their tenants, and their neighbours, at risk and are a menace to the community.

New legislation that came into force in April 2017 (Housing Act 2016) allows tenants to directly claim compensation in the form of a Rent Repayment Order and Flat Justice CIC was formed to increase awareness of this procedure and help tenants make such claims either by themselves or with our help.


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Flat Justice is a member of  AdviceUK : a co-ordination and support network for organisations providing independent social welfare advice